Agency Services Piraeus Chios Kali Limenes Kalamata GreeceWe are proud to inform that our company BEVALDIA (Manager of the branches PSOMAKARA & GAMSRO) provides a full package of agency services in all Greek Ports.

Our company has great experience in the Greek territory with connections and flexibility with the local community.

The services that we provide are as follows:


  1. Clearance (Call Entry, Green Light)
  2. Diving services (IACS approved)
  3. Service boat, Launch boat
  4. Speed boat
  5. Coordination of repairs
  6. Crew changes
  7. Transportation Services and Accommodations
  8. Forwarding services (mail, parcels, stores, spare parts)
  9. Dry Services
  10. Doctor’s appointment and Medical examinations
  11. Laundry services
  12. Garbage removal
  13. Waste Lub Oils collection
  14. Fresh water delivered at anchorage by barge boat
  15. Fresh Provisions. 48hr prior notice required
  16. Stores – provisions – bonded. On request, we can arrange delivery on-board of any kind of provisions, stores and bonded, through our suppliers. All custom formalities shall be arranged by our agency (72hr prior notice required)
  17. Cash to master