BEVALDIA (Manager of the branches PSOMAKARA & GAMSRO) provides a complete package of agency services at Togo in the port of Lome (operating license No.509). 

The significant experience of the PSOMAKARA Agency Services with the local community, ensures high quality agency services based on our knowledge and expertise.


  1. Clearance (Call Entry, Green Light)
  2. Diving services (IACS approved)
  3. Service boat, Launch boat
  4. Speed boat
  5. Coordination of repairs
  6. Crew changes. For all nationalities except for crew members from Sri Lanka are not allowed to transit in Lomé, Togo. Application for immigration formalities and VISA procedures 3 days prior notice is required in order to avoid delays regarding issuance.
  7. Transportation Services and Accommodations to and from Lomé Airport and from the boarders of Cotonou, Accra and Takoradi. Accommodations at hotels from very economical up to 4 star hotels.
  8. Forwarding services (mail, parcels, stores, spare parts)
  9. Doctor’s appointment and Medical examinations
  10. Laundry services
  11. Garbage removal
  12. Waste Lub Oils collection
  13. Fresh water delivered at anchorage by barge boat
  14. Fresh Provisions. 48hr prior notice required
  15. Stores – provisions – bonded. On request, we can arrange delivery on-board of any kind of provisions, stores and bonded, through our suppliers. All custom formalities shall be arranged by our agency (72hr prior notice required)
  16. Cash to master
  17. Armed security services


Please find below calling instructions and pre-arrival documents of vessel calling Lome.

Diving Services

Agency Services

Crew Change procedures

Armed Security Services