In water survey LomeThe company BEVALDIA (Manager of the branches PSOMAKARA & GAMSRO), undertakes the in water survey (in water inspection) of ships, in multiple ports worldwide such us (In Greece – Piraeus, Kali Limenes, Chios, Kalamata, Neapoli, Lavrio, in Togo – Lome, in Cyprus – Limassol, Larnaca, and many more globally) having latest technology equipment, which are handled by highly trained divers, certified by all the classification societies (IACS: DNV, ABS, LR, BV, CLASSNK, RINA, KR, CCS, RS, IRS, CRS, PRS) & the INSB. The main object of this union regards both the level of ship safety, categorizing them into classes and the conservation of clean seas, the risk of pollution from these vessels. The contribution of the international union in maritime security in general, but also in the regulation through collective technical support, control–compliance, as well as research and development is very important.


In water survey Piraeus GreeceClassification societies at particular intervals inspect and certify to the relevant authorities, how the ship complies with the conditions of the license and that it can sail safely in accordance with all international conventions. In order to be able to inspect the ships underwater parts, avoiding dry-dock, the classification societies have developed the underwater inspection (in-water class survey, UWILD inspection). The underwater inspection (in-water class survey, UWILD) is performed by certified divers where with the help of video cameras and surface monitor provide monitoring to the surface.


UWILD inspection Lome Piraeus GreeceThroughout the course of services of the in-water survey (in-water inspection), photos are taken and videotaping is carried out, in order to assess the overall condition of the hull or of the area which was inspected.


In water survey Chios Kali Limenes Kalamata

The in-water survey (in-water inspection) of a ship does not require removal of the vessel from the water (dry docking). This means a quick inspection and management of any problems and a much lower total cost, since dry-docking is very expensive and the ship does not go off  “service”.

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Looking for a reliable partner for In-water Survey - Inspection?

Looking for a reliable partner for In-water Survey - Inspection?