NDT Inspection

NDT inspection Lome TogoNDT testing (Nondestructive Testing) also known as nondestructive inspection is a highly valuable technique that can save both money and time in material evaluation with high accuracy and it doesn’t damage or require the component to be dismantled for testing. NDT plays a crucial role in assuring safety and RELIABILITY.

Frequently used methods

NDT testing Piraeus Greece LomeOur company has qualified and IACS certified technicians for NDT in a dry environment for defects of the test object for all six most frequently used methods:

  • Eddy Current/Electromagnetic Testing ET
  • Liquid (LP)/Dye (DP) Penetrant Testing PT
  • Magnetic Particle (Magnaflux) Testing MT
  • Radiographic Testing RT
  • Ultrasonic Testing UT
  • Visual Testing VT

nondestructive inspection Lome TogoEddy current testing uses electromagnetic induction to detect and characterize surface and sub-surface flaws in conductive materials quite quickly through fairly thick coatings (up to 2 mm); it is particularly useful since it doesn’t require a piece of metal to be cleaned before being tested.

Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) also called Dye Penetrant Testing (DP); detects surface-breaking discontinuities in all non-porous materials.Liquid penetrant testing involves the application of a fluid to the material to be tested. The test surface is cleaned very thoroughly so that the penetrant is not kept out of the defect. The liquid or dye is then applied given “dwell time” from 5-30 minutes to seep into any flaws before a developer is applied. The trapped penetrant material is pulled out of the defect and spread out on the surface of the part so it can be seen by an inspector.

Ultrasonic testing involves using an ultrasound transducer, linked to a diagnostic machine, it passes ultrasonic waves through a material to identify any loss or reduction in material thickness and as such does not require access to both sides of the test piece.

Visual Testing while being a cost-effective way of detecting larger problems, it is not able to detect small or internal structural problems.



Looking for a reliable partner for NDT inspection?

Looking for a reliable partner for NDT inspection?