Bulbous bow and flat bottom: Indentation found starting from bulbous bow with 2.5 cm depth and ending at flat bottom. Curves were found with scratches beginning on bulbous bow and ending near mid ship. Vertical sides found with scratches of abt. 5% where all layers of paint coating are missing. Four bladed fixed propeller was found in good condition; no indentations, deformations, chipping, missing pieces or cavitation was observed. Rudder found in good condition: no visible damages, indents, missing components or irregularities were observed. Rudder plug found in position. Vessel is using anodes which were found aprrox. 10% depleted. Split type bilge keels found with upward indentation of 2.5 cm X 35 cm in longitudinal. Vessel’s whole submerged hull was found clean.


Location: Conakry, Guinea