Underwater Throat Phones

Underwater microphones
GAMSRO underwater microphones (uw throat phones) are made with special vibration sensors. One part touches the user’s ear and the other on his neck near his vocal cords. The sensor receives only the vibration signals of the skin produced by them. Since many tasks do not have a microphone supply, GAMSRO’s underwater throat phones are an excellent choice for diver’s communication with the surface during diving. The underwater throat phones can be used safely as they are placed outside the mask and therefore do not jeopardize the breathable air supply, nor do they violate the approvals and certifications of the mask.
Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have stopped manufacturing and have no available stock.



BEVALDIA (Manager of the branches PSOMAKARA & GAMSRO) maintains its own manufacturing unit for underwater equipment since 1992; gradually expanding due to the new needs of our diving units. Over the past few years, we have been building our own product line GAMSRO and are marketing over 20 product codes.

Send us your request for the Underwater Throat Phones

Send us your request for the Underwater Throat Phones