June 12 2018 0Comment
Underwater Services Company Lome, Piraeus, Globally BEVALDIA

Biosecurity Risk/Goverment Of New Zealand

We hereby would like to inform you that as per new regulation of biosecurity risk in force since May 15th/18 in New Zealand; prior to vessels arrival full hull cleaning operations including sea-chests tunnels and propeller polishing must have been carried out max. 30 days prior to vessel’s arrival at New Zealand and evidence of such must be provided to the LA.

Note: same regulation applies for Tonga and Fidgi

The relevant presentation provided by the government of New Zealand can be found at the following link:


You can download The PDF concerning the Biofouling on Vessels Arriving to New Zealand – Craft Risk Management Standard here.

Furthermore, you can view the regulation, Stakeholder Presentation below.