Flat bottom, vertical sides, and curves were found in good condition, shell plating, welded seams, and butts without deformations or signs of pitting were observed. Hull paint coating was found in good condition, no scratches or blistering was observed. Four bladed bow thrust propeller found in good condition no deformations, cavitation, cracks, chipping or missing pieces were observed. Bow thrust tunnel gratings were in position including bolts and nuts with securing arrangement. Anodes in the tunnel found 40% depleted. Bilge keels found in good condition. No abnormalities observed on the weld joints. Four bladed fixed propeller, found in good condition: no missing pieces, deformations, cavitation, cracks, or chipping was observed. No fishing nets or leakage of oil was observed on the tail shaft. Rope-guard was found in position. The rudder was found in good condition, rudder plug in position, anodes 100% wasted. Sea chest gratings found in position with bolts and nuts in securing arrangement.


Location: Tema, Ghana