One blade found with bending 25ͦ (twenty five degrees) on the blade’s tip for approx. 2cm. Minor deformation was also observed on all blades. No deformations were observed on the boss cone. Fluctuation was observed on the fore peak for approx. 3 mtrs in longitude and 60cm in transverse. Double plates were found welded on the area. Beginning of port bilge keel found with bending approx. 45ͦ. Deformation was also observed on the port bilge keel on the mid-ship area for approx. 3 mtrs. Sea chest gratings found 3-5% fouled with barnacles. No abnormalities were observed on the STBD vertical side and curves. No major abnormalities were observed on the flat bottom. Rudder was found clean. Rope guard found in position. No entanglements or leakage of oil were observed.


Location: Iskenderun, Turkey