Grounding was observed from the bulbous bow up to the end of the fore peak area (both bottom and curves up to 2mtrs draft). On the aforementioned area all layers of the paint were found to be missing. No indentations was observed. Vertical sides & curves were found in good condition; shell plating, welded seams and butts without deformations or signs of pitting were observed. Vertical sides were found fouled with sea grass up to 0.3cm thick and barnacles up to 0.2cm thick. Flat bottom found in good condition and found approx. 60-70% fouled with barnacles up to 0.2cm thick. Bilge keels found in good condition. Four bladed fixed propeller found in good condition with no missing pieces chipping cavitation or cracks observed. Pintle type sea chest gratings were found in position with bolts and nuts in securing arrangement. Fishnets were found entangled on the tail-shaft; which were cut off and removed. No leakage of oil was observed. Rope guard was found in position with excessive corrosion. Rope cutters were found intact. Rudder found in good conditions with no deformations or abnormalities being observed. Vessel is using ICCP. Anodes on the rudder were found 100% wasted.