Rudder was found with corrosion.  One deep groove was observed on a welding seem on the port side of the rudder; Repairs took place according to AWS: A5.1:E6013 procedure sequence; which was performed by approved welder. Flat bottom, vertical sides and curves were found in good condition with no abnormalities on the shell plating, indentations or other abnormalities being observed. Bilge keels were found in good condition. No missing pieces, deformations or abnormalities of any nature were observed. Mewis duct was found with corrosion and pitting on the brackets from pressure side. Four bladed fixed propeller: Blade no2: found with minor bending approx. 2cm x 3cm blade no3: found with minor bending approx. 2cm x 5cm. On the bended tip , 2 cracks were observed. Minor pitting was observed on all blades. Vessel is using ICCP.  ICCP instruments were found in not working condition. Massive corrosion was observed on the submerged hull. Sea chest gratings were found in position with bolts and nuts with securing arrangement.


Rudder repairs, In water class survey, removal of entanglements from tail-shaft, video & photos of operations