Flat Bottom found with indentation with depth from 300MM up to 2500MM with 6 cracks between Frames No. 76 up to No. 97 Category: Dual BV Class Survey: Preliminary for damages/After Repairs Location: Suez Anchorage, Egypt Cracks No 1 – No 5 were welded and all welding seams were covered with underwater epoxy resin (UW plastic steel). Measurements are in longitudinal X transverse Crack No. 1.  80 cm x 15 cm Crack No. 2.  35cm x 20cm Crack No. 3.  75cm x 35cm Crack No. 4.  10cm x 4cm Crack No. 5.  10cm x 8cm Crack No. 6.  10cm x 10cm stoppers were opened on beginning and ending of crack