Propeller Polishing System

GAMSRO’s underwater propeller polishing system comprises of diamond disc pads, achieving excellent results. The underwater propeller polishing system has come into this form after many tests by our experienced technical staff, which has been specializing in the field of over twenty years. GAMSRO’S underwater propeller polishing system is extremely efficient. With proper use, it allows the task to be performed in record time! It has been tested by many experienced technical divers.
Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have stopped manufacturing and have no available stock.



BEVALDIA (Manager of the branches PSOMAKARA & GAMSRO) maintains its own manufacturing unit for underwater equipment since 1992; gradually expanding due to the new needs of our diving units. Over the past few years, we have been building our own product line GAMSRO and are marketing over 20 product codes.

Send us your request for the Propeller Polishing System

Send us your request for the Propeller Polishing System