Underwater shipwreck salvage Piraeus BEVALDIA (Manager of the branches PSOMAKARA & GAMSRO) has proven itself as a reliable  and cost effective company, fast service 24/7, with experience in shipwreck salvage operations , shipwreck cutting and removal, ready to face any emergency situation. Our company has at its disposal highly trained and skilled staff for hauling up (refloating) the shipwreck (salvage), shipwreck cutting and shipwreck removal, having at its disposal latest technology equipment.


Underwater shipwreck salvage GreeceThe rescue of a shipwreck is the process by which an attempt is made to recover all or part of the ship or its cargo, which has sunk or has fallen into the sea. Most often shipwrecks are environmentally damaging.


Underwater shipwreck salvage Lome TogoThe oxidized metal of the ship creates sources of pollution often also creating oil spills. For this purpose the direct addressing is required. It also increases the chances of preventing the passage of other ships and stranding incases where the sea has small draft.


  • Refloating of shipwreck.
  • The control of marine pollution by removing the fuel, oil and other hazardous chemicals from the sunkenship. In these cases, the oil from the wrecks hull and sea chests is removed and brought to the surface, so as in continuation to collect it. The removal of the wreck or part of it.
  • The towing of shipwrecks.
  • Conducting surveys and underwater repairs.
  • Cutting the shipwreck when it goes for scrap.
  • Restoring the ship to seaworthy, where this is possible


Looking for a reliable partner for Shipwreck Salvage?

Looking for a reliable partner for Shipwreck Salvage?