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Underwater Inspection Greece

Underwater Inspection Is An Economical And Fast Solution!

The process for underwater inspection is an economical and fast solution that can ensure the marine company a full view of the hull quickly. As long as it is carried out by experienced diving teams that cover significant specifications. This team must be approved by ISO and definitely meet all class specifications.

There are various types of underwater inspections, the process can be done either photographically, CCTV or videotaping and for various reasons such as:  

Damage, where inspection must be made with great precision, measured, sketched, and comprehensively reported. 

Sale/Purchase: where every detail is highly important, such as deformations since this greatly affects the value of the vessel. 

Underwater DD inspection in the presence of IACS surveyor, for vessel’s renewal of documents.    

Underwater inspection of fouling condition, in order to verify if the vessel requires hull cleaning. 

Underwater inspection due to suspicion of damages on the propeller, rudder, or other parts of the vessel. 

Whatever the reason for an underwater inspection, it should always be performed from diving teams that have many years of experience and knowledge of the submerged hull, have many diving hours on vessel operations, and technical know-how. The absence of this knowledge could lead to a catastrophic failure of the inspection. 

Our company BEVALDIA can guarantee, without any doubt, that after all these years of operation we dispose of the most experienced staff in underwater inspections on vessels.