Underwater Inpsection


Underwater Photo InspectionThe company underwater services BEVALDIA (Manager of the branches PSOMAKARA and GAMSRO) has been approved by all the classification societies (IACS: DNV, ABS, LR, BV, CLASSNK, RINA, KR, CCS, RS, IRS, CRS, PRS) & the INSB for the quality of work it offers .

The main object of the association is, concerns both the level of ship safety, categorizing them into classes and on the measures for preservation of clean seas, from the risk of pollution from the vessels. The contribution of this international union in maritime security in general, but also in the regulation through collective technical support, control – compliance, as well as research and development is very important .

Today IACS, as a non-governmental organization, is the main partner with an advisory character, as an observer, for the International Maritime Organization(IMO), through which the various instructions are issued by the IMO.


Certified divers from IACS and INSB perform in-water inspections, including:

  • Underwater clearance measurements of rudder pintles
  • Tail-end shaft wear down measurements
  • Underwater survey of underwater constructions
  • Underwater survey of coastal structures
  • In-water survey in ship (inspection of hull paint coating, inspection for damage to the hull of the ship after a possible collision, Underwater Thickness measurements of hull plates (ultrasonic), inspection of the propeller, inspection of sea chests, inspection for cracks)
  • In-water class survey
  • The under water CCTV inspections
  • The hull coating inspections
  • The hull surveys

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