Underwater Maintenance Services


Underwater maintenanceBEVALDIA is a worldwide company, which provides high quality underwater services (such as underwater cleaning of the hull, propeller etc.). The assurance of the result is guaranteed by our highly trained technical staff, which has many years experience in the field of underwater maintenance and modern technical equipment it disposes.

We undertake underwater maintenance work , ensuring our customers , good and uninterrupted operation of their vessels.

The underwater maintenance work/underwater cleaning involves , the following Services:

Underwater maintenance servicesWhen underwater maintenance and underwater repairs are made at regular intervals, then continuous and smooth operation of the ship is ensured, saving fuel and capital. The underwater services needed are:

  • Underwater repairs ( underwater ship repairs ) : Specialized underwater repairs ( underwater ship repairs ) carried out on the ship ( underwater rudder repair, underwater propeller repair , underwater welding , underwater cutting ), avoiding the solution of the dry-dock . As well as in emergency situations (underwater waterproofing ) with immediate repair of the damage in any part of the world.
  • Underwater maintenance ( underwater ship maintenance ) : Underwater maintenance ( underwater ship maintenance ) is the most direct and quick way to save money and reduce fuel consumption ( underwater hull cleaning , bow thruster , underwater propeller polishing , etc.).
  • Underwater Inspection : The underwater inspection enables the direct control of the ship for any damage, and allows immediate diagnosis and treatment of any problem. Also, underwater inspectionsperformed by the classification societies ( in-water class survey ) to ensure that the ship meets all standards and is seaworthy.

Looking for a reliable partner for underwater maintenance?

Looking for a reliable partner for underwater maintenance?