underwater vertical weldingVertical underwater welding is already one of the most widespread welding techniques in the section of shipping for the repair and damage restoration of the ship and most preferred technique for “butt” and “fillet” welding. BEVALDIA, having to its potential experienced and appropriately trained divers, certified by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, performs vertical underwater welding  where requested and necessary for the restoration of damage to the ship, guaranteeing precise and  excellent results. The execution mode of the welds applied for ship repair varies according to the position which is  to be welded and the sensitivity of the vessel’s area, which affects the penetration and adhesion of the weld metal where the weld is to be made, and the stress there of.


Vertical–down welding is likely better that the vertical-up welding since the pressure of the arc gives vertical support to the liquid metal and fills the cavity made by the arc to form acceptable weld beads.


The technique of the vertical underwater welding contains 2 separate methods of welding, “vertical-up” (vertical underwater welding directed upwards) and “vertical-down” (vertical underwater welding directed downwards).


The vertical-up welding the liquid puddle does not have adequate support to form the weld bead since the liquid metal runs down due to gravity. In both cases experienced and well trained diver-welders are required for both methods.


Our personel of well trained divers are certified for specific techniques of vertical underwater welding and are provided with modern equipment in order to achieve excellent results.

PSOMAKARA Diving Services & Consulting Co has headquarters in Greece (Piraeus, Chios, Thessaloniki, Crete, Corinth, Nea Karvali, Patra, Volos, Kali Limenes), Togo (Lome), Turkey (Istanbul, Canakkale, Iskenderun), Cyprus (Limassol, Larnaca), Ivory Coast (Abidjan), United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Brazil (Santos), Spain (Palma de Mallorca, Canary Islands, Valencia), Egypt (Suez, Alexandria), Mexico (Veracruz) and bases at New Zealand, Samoa, Kingdom of Tonga and Republic of Fiji, while diving teams are located at regular intervals in ports around the world. The staff communicates in five different languages (Greek, English, French, Spanish, Arabic). Main phone number 24/7: (+30)2104001120, (+30)2104004470 email: info@psomakara.gr

Looking for a reliable partner for underwater vertical welding?

Looking for a reliable partner for underwater vertical welding?