UW welding approved by Lloyd’s

Underwater welding is the ideal solution for restoring repairing damage to vessels with ruptures, cracks, etc., because it provides speediness with low repair costs. PSOMAKARA Diving Services & Consulting Co guarantees the high quality of performance of underwater welding due to the long term experience of its professional divers, who are certified by the State of Spain and by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping for their high level of knowhow for underwater welding which they possess.”

Underwater welding (u/w welding) is used to repair ships, coastal structures, repair of underwater pipelines and port facilities. Ships underwater welding (u/w welding) is used for temporary or permanent repairs of cracks in the hull of the ship for fitting anodic protection, and temporary repair of damages to the rudder and blades.

Underwater welding is divided into two categories. The wet welding (wet welding) and the dry welding (dry underwater welding).

Wet underwater welding (wet welding) is the direct exposer of the diver and electrode to the wet environment it is performed at ambient pressure (by direct contact of the diver – welder with the water and the electric welding arc).

The advantages of wet welding can be noted: the low cost, flexibility of the diver, the task execution speed, time saving, feasibility of non-destructive testing (NDT) of the welding and the ability to monitor the entire process with cameras.

Conversely, the development of techniques for underwater welding in a dry environment (dry underwater welding) makes it possible to create high-quality welds at greater depths, carried out at the same pressure or slightly greater than that of the environment or at atmospheric pressure (1 atm) and through a special chamber, from which firstly the water has been removed.


The organizations that have set the standards and assessed divers’ suitability are: the International Institute of Welding, the American Welding Society (AWS), the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the British Standard Institute, Bureau Veritas (BV) and Det Norske Veritas (DNV). Then the other societies were incorporated.

The certified technical underwater welding carried out by the divers of PSOMAKARA Diving Services & Consulting Co, appertained by the vertical underwater welding (vertical u.w. welding) and overhead underwater welding (u.w. overhead welding). The execution mode of the welds applied for ship repair varies according to the position which is to be welded and the sensitivity of the vessel’s area. The vertical underwater welding (vertical u.w. welding) can be considered a relatively easy welding technique in respect to the underwater overhead welding (u.w. overhead welding). The underwater overhead welding (u.w. overhead welding) is one of the toughest welding techniques, and the diver-welder is required to possess great skill and precision during this operation, since they have to fight gravity which is created between the diver and his position underwater.

PSOMAKARA Diving Services & Consulting Co, has to its capacity experienced and appropriately trained divers, certified by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, who perform vertical underwater welding (vertical u.w. welding) and underwater overhead welding (u.w. overhead welding) where requested and necessary to repair damages to ships, guaranteeing accurate  and excellent results.