Underwater vessel repair and underwater maintenance services in Chios, GreeceChios is one of the best choices for a vessel, since it is a safe European destination where it can accept vessels with fully-loaded draft conditions to be served at the Anchorage of Chios with brief and without complex bureaucratic procedures and under the absolute supervision of the company BEVALDIA with easy Port Call Entry with few formalities. Due to the frequent transit the Port Authorities have great experience regarding underwater services and therefore will not unnecessarily implicate the vessel with purposeless procedures and formalities.

The area of Chios constitutes an anchorage with excellent seawater conditions 12 months a year where it has alternative areas all year round where the vessel is protected. Furthermore, Chios has appropriate infrastructures to accommodate crew, Surveyors, workers.

It can also provide all provisions that the vessel might need, while it is very close to decision-making centers, and central cities and it is very easily connected with all of Greece therefore, very quickly workshops, supplies etc… can transport to serve your good vessel. Moreover, all this is done at competitive prices compared to the neighboring countries.

Our company BEVALDIA disposes in Chios state-of-the-art equipment that can serve the vessel in all matters of underwater operations, underwater hull cleaning, in water class survey with the recognition of IACS and dry ship repairs services.

Also important advantages of this area is the excellent underwater visibility, but as well that Chios remains a hub with minimal deviation.

We would be more than happy to serve your requests; please send your inquiries along with vessel’s particulars to info@bevaldia.com or call us 24/7: (+30) 210 958 2176, (+30) 210 400 4470, (+30) 210 400 1120